December 21, 2009


It is Daniel (pronounced dann-yell). I have nothing more to say.

December 17, 2009

Losing... Brain... Poop.


My mind does not function anymore.

Have a sketch I managed to make that doesn't suck.

(Agatha Heterodyne © 2000-2009 Studio Foglio, LLC)

September 23, 2009

Circles Are For Losers

Sometimes we have to discover things on our own. Today held just such an event for me. I discovered that I don't have to build a body from a series of circles and ovals, with one representing the ribcage and one representing hips and one representing the waist. Nor do I have to build them from squares, triangles, or anything that requires multiple objects to represent the torso. Today I discovered I can quite efficiently and pleasingly build a torso out of one flexible shape: a sort of sausage/tube thing. All the drawings in this picture were made using such a method.

August 31, 2009

Thoughts on a Kong Krush

Ever since I played Donkey Kong Country 2 way back in the day, I had a crush on Dixie Kong. I never could figure out why. She was cute, which I suppose helped, and just the fact that she was the first major female video game protagonist I ever got to play as, which at the time just filled my mind with implications, but even so I don't know if either of these reasons or any other reasons I might think of had anything to do with it. Another thing I wonder is if this contributed to my eventual conversion into the furry fandom or if I could have been a furry long before I knew what it was.

Long story short, I like Dixie. Here's a lot of Dixie porn.

I can't decide if I like the original Dixie build or my "advanced" version better.

August 26, 2009


A concept sketch I did for an orangutang girl. As the image points out, I not only made he butt hairless, but all the way up her back to her shoulders as well. I thought it was sexy.

In other news, I received an MP3 from a friend, a rendition of the We Will Rock You song by the Queens. The rendition itself was kind of cool, with th e odd harmony it created, but I found the WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU parts lacking. I started musing about my own rendition, and then remembered that funny seen from MST3K's Final Sacrifice, where after lead Zap Rowsdower gets all muddy, Mike and the bots start singing, "You got mud on your face, you big disgrace, shovin' those sandwiches into your face, singin' WE WILL WE WILL ROSWDOWER"

Artistically moved, I proceeded to write the rest of the song that they left out.

buddy you're a big man, drunk man
wearin crusty jeans gonna lose your truck today
you got mud on your face
you big disgrace
shovin' those sandwiches into your face, singin'
we will we will Rowsdower
we will we will Rowsdower

buddy got a short man, dork man
runnin' from a cult gonna find a large city someday
you got nerd on your face
you big disgrace
hearin your name all over the place
we will we will Rowsdower
we will we will Rowsdower

buddy got a bad man, mad man
shoot him in the butt so you can watch him burn all day
you got mud on your face
you big disgrace
shovin' those sandwiches into your face, singin'
we will we will Rowsdower
we will we will Rowsdower

I'm so proud of me.

August 25, 2009

The Nightmare Begins

This is an alternative place to post art and doodles, mostly doodles. Go to for my other art site.

Let's start the festivities.